The work exists in a format of a publication. It unveils itself in many strange ways.

Frida is juxtaposed against a page from The Holy Bible and overlaid with primal writings and covered in encaustic wax; metaphors for Absolute Truth.

The work was a research through reappropriation into commodification of a female body throughout the history of art.

On October 23rd, we were able to observe a partial solar eclipse in Los Angeles. During that time, the circles of illumination looked like half-moons.

A visual experiment with corrupting an image file for one of the projects I am working on.

Educational materials created for an Introduction to Optics class to illustrate basic behaviors of light. Reflection, refraction, absorption, transmission, and scattering.

For the past few months, I was collaborating with another artist to work on an aerial photography project. We are both excited about an opportunity to provide the audience with a new perspective on familiar areas.